Audio & intro

Over the weekend I finished a first pass of audio for Survivalcraft. It now has footsteps, water, digging, fall and block placement sounds. Some of them are not of the best quality and may need replacing at some point. After that, I started on the ocean shore and intro. This is mostly done now. Ocean shore is quite nice, gives the infinite world a reference point (actually a line) that Minecraft lacks. I have the ship sailing away and a message showing up.

The problem is that at the start the player is standing on the shore facing the ocean and seeing the ship. Because of small draw distance on Windows Phone 7, the ocean doesn’t look all that good on its own. I need to fake a larger draw distance for the ocean. But that will come later.

Now I want to focus on the entities that can be associated with chunks and saved when player leaves the area. Without it I cannot do crafting table, furnace or animals. Because the serialization system I have is pretty robust, I don’t think there will be much trouble with it. But it’s a large change.

I still plan to release over the next weekend.

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  1. Liger•-•
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    1st comment! XD

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