Coming closer to release

A lot of progress made. First person hand/item model is in, similar to Minecraft, but I could not make it look good any other way. Support for flat items, such as tools is in. Added sticks to test it. Splitting and throwing of items is in. Health system is in. Death with dropping of all items and respawn is in. Chunk update optimization is in. Framerate optimization is in. Human-placed lights are fixed, but one more bug remains with them. Swimming and general movement is refactored to be more physics based (with proper buoyancy and adjustable ground friction).

Next: audio!

So far I’m sticking with the old name: Survivalcraft. I want to release within the next 1.5 weeks. Let’s hope this happens.


  1. Liza
    Posted April 4, 2013 at 00:13 | Permalink | Reply

    First! :D

  2. Spottedcloud
    Posted August 5, 2013 at 23:15 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow wow wow. This is BEFORE servival craft was even on the market? OMG HOLLY FREAK!!!

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