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Yesterday I released a maintenance update on Google Play, the version number is 1.23.12. It fixes a few small bugs (including the memory bank bug with ; character appearing after the data). Still haven’t got around to releasing iOS update that fixes screen lock bug.

Here’s the new thing I was working on today for 1.24. I am sure you can make out what it is from the screenshot below:


No, it’s not torches or gravestones :-)


Shape the Land

As you’d probably expect, I get tons of feature requests. Most of them are quite repetitive: minecarts, multiplayer, NPCs. There’s nothing wrong with these, it’s just that each of them is a massive amount of work, so sadly it has to sit in the queue until I get some time to look at it.

But from time to time someone makes a brilliant, simple suggestion. Something so simple that I’d never thought of before.

This time it arrived in an email from maggieblue. What was suggested is that I allow limiting the creative mode world to a single biome – e.g. jungle, desert etc.

In Survivalcraft there’s no concept of biomes as such, the terrain generation works differently than in Minecraft. But the idea is still valid, even though you would not be selecting “biomes” — you’d be twiddling with some sliders instead.

The parameters I made available for you to tweak are the global temperature and humidity of the world. You can now offset them up or down from the defaults, as you see fit. Of course, this only works in creative and during world creation. Once you’ve started playing, you can’t change it.


What does it let you do?

Well, you can have a dry and hot land where there’s no greenery to be seen anywhere (apart from cacti):


Or a humid jungle land:


Or a snowy wonderland:


Or a wasteland:


Or anything in between.

Might come in handy for adventures or themed builds. To come in 1.24.



New weapon

Work on 1.24 is going well. The new weapon is causing some problems, but I think I will have them sorted soon.

As usual, a lot of guesses were correct. Have a look at the screenshot:


Of course, this has been long overdue. I remember thinking I should really add it soon as far back as 2011 :-) Two years later and it’s still not in!

The new weapon is a lot more than just the bow itself, there is the entire supporting infrastructure in code that will let me do it properly and extend later, as opposed to quickly hacking it in a day.

Still aiming for the release before Christmas.


No, I am not dead or a zombie! I am back at work on 1.24.

Before that, I think I will make one more service release of 1.23 on iOS (that fixes the textbox problem), but it’s a minor thing.

Anyway, the first big feature I am working on for 1.24 is a new weapon. I want to keep it secret for a little longer, but guesses are welcome, as always :-)

Whatever it is, I would like to do this release before Christmas. There isn’t much time left, therefore it may be a little smaller than 1.23 was. We’ll see how it will work out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch)

I’ve had some reports that the game does not start on this device. So I went and bought it.

And what? It works. A waste of good money :-)

Galaxy Tab 2

I tested it for a good hour, found no problems at all. Despite antiquated hardware it runs pretty smooth, even with 128 visibility distance. If you have this device and the game does not work, I don’t know what to do. Bad luck…

Btw. the image above is not the actual photo of the one I bought, I just got it off the internets. The one I have has Android 4.1.

Also, I would never go near this tablet if I wanted one for myself. Why? It has a proprietary power connector. How stupid is that? So that I have to lug two chargers with me? I will soon lose the charger (I always do), and the tablet will just become an expensive paperweight.

iOS 7 screen freezing

On iOS 7, Survivalcraft display sometimes freezes, while the game keeps going in the background. This occasionally happens when you dismiss a text box (for example after entering a sign text).

Fortunately there is good news. Doubly good news.

First, I’ve got it fixed. And no, I still don’t know why it is happening :-) It’s only on iOS 7, and the way I fixed it is by entirely avoiding the operation that causes it.

Second, there is a trivial workaround. If your screen freezes, rotate your device upside down to trigger a screen flip. This will unfreeze the screen.

I might release another iOS 1.23 update.

Almost forgot: both Amazon and Windows Phone updates are out (1.23.9 and 1.23.10 respectively). They fix the same bugs that 1.23.8 fixed on iOS.


Just noticed – the blog passed 4 million views. That’s not half bad :-)

iOS 1.23.8 approved

Apple have honored the request to do the expedited review and they approved 1.23.8 in almost record time. It should already be available for download in the App Store.

I am therefore resuming tweeting of promo codes!

Quick Update

Just a quick update on 1.23 bugfix.

As promised, I submitted to Amazon and Microsoft shortly after iOS. All three still in review. Will keep you posted if anything moves!

I will resume posting promo codes on Twitter as soon as iOS is approved. Don’t want to be giving away codes for a bugged version :-)

Bugfix out for Apple

I have submitted the crash bugfix to Apple, the new version number will be

Unfortunately it has to go through the review process again – there’s no way around that. I requested an “expedited review”, something that Apple allows if the release fixes a critical bug or is associated with a timed event. It’s up to Apple whether they will honor that and review it quickly, or whether we’ll have to wait another week :-(

I am also going to submit for Amazon and Windows Phone soon.

When this is all done, I’ll be back at work on 1.24.

1.23.4 Out For Android

I have just published 1.23.4, which contains iOS crash bugfix and some other improvements to Google Play. It should become available for update in a couple of hours, as always.

As I said before, the crash bug doesn’t only affect iOS. It’s present on all platforms, but iOS is somehow more vulnerable to it. The bug is now fixed, this should also hopefully fix related problems, such as this:



In addition to the bugfix, there’s a bunch of other changes:

  • Fixed hitting animals in 3rd person mode
  • Reduce GPU stalling by not reusing vertex/index buffers immediately
  • Reduce memory usage by recycling geometry data more aggressively (maybe you’ll be able to run with higher vis range on some devices?)
  • Warning if too many worlds on device instead of disabled “New World” button
  • Reduced probability of horses going stubborn — remember there’s one horse color that never does it!
  • Potential fix for game not starting on certain devices (e.g. Galaxy Tab 3 P5210)
  • Some other small improvements

Please update and try it. If it works fine on Androids, I’ll update the remaining platforms.

Hope this build sticks, 1.23.4 is too good a version number to have to throw it away :-)



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