iOS submitted

Just to let you know that iOS build has been submitted to Apple for review.

Nothing to do but wait now :-)

Remaining platforms

1.25 has been submitted for certification on Amazon and Windows Phone.

This is the same build as on Android.

We’ll probably have to wait a few days before they appear for download in their respective marketplaces, unless they are rejected of course.

iOS to follow shortly.

1.25.3 out on Google Play

Another bugfix update in 1.25 series.

Squashed bugs:

  • Locked crossbow drawing when a bolt is loaded to prevent losing the bolt
  • Fixed distant explosion debris hanging in mid-air

Please download and keep testing. Big thanks for all the bug reports!

1.25.2 out on Google Play

1.25.2 should appear on Google Play soon for you to download.

It fixes additional issues found since 1.25.1 release:

  • Fixed infinite arrows when loading bow directly from crafting result
  • Tweaked projectile strengths

Please keep testing. If no more serious issues are found I will consider 1.25.2 OK for release on all platforms.

1.25.1 out on Google Play

I’ve published 1.25.1 which contains all the fixes I have completed so far. Should be available in a few hours. Here’s the list of issues fixed:

  • First-person hand not using character skin
  • Dragged items drawn using default block texture regardless of custom texture being selected
  • Stone fence rendering bug
  • Signs text colorpicker always showing white
  • Projectile weapons sometimes inflict disproportionate damage
  • Grass traps will not disintegrate from projectiles

Please keep testing and big thanks for all the reports so far. Without you the game would be a lot more buggy!



So far 2 bugs have been pointed out to me: first person hand does not use custom character skin and dragged blocks use default blocks texture regardless of the custom blocks texture setting. Both are fixed. Big thanks! Please keep testing.

Quick clarification on file extensions. To have the game recognize a file as a certain content type, it must have appropriate extension. The extensions are:

  • Character skins: .scskin
  • Block textures: .scbtex or .png (so that legacy block textures work, please name all new textures .scbtex)
  • Worlds: .scworld


1.25 out on Google Play

I have just published to Google Play, as announced in the earlier posts. It should become available in a couple of hours.

Please test and let me know of any problems as comments to this post, or via email (candyrufusgames at

There’s one last minute feature I could not resist adding. When an inventory slot is selected for splitting (has red border), items will drop to the ground from that slot one by one, not all at once.

Here’s the detailed list of changes:

  • Changed UI drawing engine. Now uses procedural bevels/indentations instead of baked textures.
  • Changing some audio to use MP3 format
  • Added crossbow
  • Added iron bolts, diamond bolts
  • Added explosive bolts
  • Added fire arrows
  • Added sound delay based on distance
  • Completely new explosions engine, faster, more realistic
  • Explosions create flying and flaming debris
  • Last used creative inventory page is saved between world loads
  • Serious physics bug to do with velocity limiting fixed
  • Pickables and projectiles optimizations
  • Tall grass is now a pickable item
  • Added crafting recipe to obtain seeds from tall grass item
  • Added throwable bombs
  • Added smoke trails
  • Added stone fences
  • Added rendering support for custom skins
  • Changed UI to allow user select and manage custom skins
  • Added support for skins to community content server
  • Custom skins and block textures are now associated with each world separately, not a global setting
  • Added content management screen
  • Explosive pickables and projectiles explode when in contact with fire, magma or explosion
  • Fixed https issues on Android 2.2
  • Removed some audio files to reduce loading times
  • Reenabled preloading of certain audio files on Android
  • When inventory slot is in split mode (red border), dropping items from it will drop them one by one, not all at once
  • Tweaked birds UI to escape more frequently and further away

Have fun!


I promised to show you a cannon, and here it is, enjoy the new video:

I have a few more devices to test 1.25 on before I push it out for Google Play first.

For those who don’t know yet, the update process works as follows. I release the build to Google Play only. Google Play folks download it in large numbers and test, test, test. Usually there are a few issues that sneaked past my beta testing (which is what I am doing now). After fixing them and making sure the build is watertight enough, I release for the remaining platforms (iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone).

The reason for this is Google Play does not require lengthy certification, allowing me to push out quick fixes within hours of bugs being discovered. On all other platforms each update takes about a week. That would make the testing impossible.

Btw. I am now testing on HTC Desire, the oldest test device I have (released March 2010). Real mobile prehistory. Still handles the game, although you need to lower the settings a fair  bit.


Server changes

Just finished making changes to the content server to add support for character skins.

There’s already one test skin published, but I don’t think you can do anything with until the release, because obviously 1.24 does not support skins.

What remains to do on 1.25 is testing. Should not take long unless I discover some horrific bugs.

Embedding Blocks Textures & Skins

1.25 is bringing a fairly major change to how blocks textures are handled.

In 1.24, blocks texture is a game-wide setting that applies to all the worlds. In 1.25, each world will have their own blocks texture assigned. The global setting is gone.  The same mechanic applies to character skins.

When you upload the world, the blocks texture and character skin will be packed together with it, so that whoever downloads it, will get them automatically.

This is a long planned change that unfortunately took a very long time to do, due to unforeseen troubles :-(

Anyway, it will allow you to create adventure worlds with associated block textures and skins. Let me give you a silly example: you will be able to create a basketball court with pumpkins turned into basketballs, trapdoors into hoops (by use of blocks texture), and player made into Magic Johnson (using character skin), and have it all working just by selecting the world. No need to search for, download and select blocks textures and character skins.

Here’s how the new World Options screen looks like:


Hope it all makes sense :-)


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